Volunteer Pam Warren gains recognition for all her hard work

Written by Memory Matters.

Volunteer Pam Warren gains recognition for all her hard work

This is Pam Warren. She is one of the Kindest and compassionate people we know and we are so lucky to have her on board as a volunteer. Pam works tirelessly, she bakes cakes every week and has done since Memory Matters began.

She gives two full days a week to support people with dementia at our Bodmin day club. she always welcomes people with the biggest smile and that welcome makes us all feel special. No-one is ever without a cup of tea when this caring woman is around. She is the first to notice anyone feeling slightly under the weather and always ready with a hug. We all adore her. 

Pam does not only volunteer for us but also gives her time to the lostwithiel memory cafe every other Thursday and volunteers at the Eden project. She works tirelessly. 

On Thursday 23rd November 2017 Pam was recognised in the Volunteer Cornwall awards as a Highly commended volunteer in the category of health and social care and we are so proud.

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