Understanding Behaviour & Dementia

Understanding Behaviour & Dementia

One of the most common mistakes we make with dementia is judging behaviours as problematic, before taking time to look creatively at behaviour as a form of communication.

More people living with dementia & complex needs are being cared for in a care home environment and yet care home staff are not always armed with the theory, practical solutions or creative interventions they need to manage situations that they find challenging.

This training workshop will give staff all they need to find the reasons behind distressed behaviour and think creatively about solutions.

By introducing some common frameworks, staff will learn how to find the unmet need driving the behaviour & how to meet that need using an agile approach.

Experiential learning gives staff an understanding of some common symptoms of dementia and how dementia affects a person’s interpretation of commonly misunderstood situations.

Through exploratory exercises and discussion, staff will explore personhood and the true meaning of person-centred care.  Through role-play and problem-solving exercises, staff will gain the confidence to work as a team to find solutions in difficult situations, creating a positive environment for all.

This course gives teams the tools and techniques that make for a happier place to live and work. It will give the staff team confidence in being creative in the face of challenges.

Learners will be able to:

Understand perspectives in dementia
Understand personhood
Understand how to assess needs driving behaviour
Understand the distress of unmet needs
Know what to do when unable to meet a need
Know how to de-esculate a situation where someone is exhibiting distressed behaviour
Be confident in creating an environment for positive experiences
Create solutions that work
Includes certificate of attendance and course material


Residential and care home staff- nurses, care workers, domiciliary care providers

*£90 per head

**Based on a minimum of 12 learners.
Price includes individual activity plan templates, evaluation tools for use in the workplace and certification.
Delivered at your place of work. (Travel not included.)

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