Exploring Dementia

Exploring Dementia

This interactive dementia workshop uses creative and engaging techniques that will have you interested from the moment it begins!

All of us will find ourselves in a role in life, through work or personally where we are interacting with people who are living with dementia. Sometimes we can feel lost in knowing the best way to approach, or what to say. The reality of this is that people with dementia can often feel isolated and lonely. This course will give you all the tools you need to empathise with the many symptoms that people with dementia may experience and how that impacts communication and day to day living.

We all need human connection more than anything else and you can make an amazing difference in your community for people living with dementia if you can do this confidently and with an understanding of some of the difficulties that you can help with.

People tell us this course is a real eye-opener and go away feeling much more confident and empathic and full of new ideas to try for positive and meaningful interaction.

This workshop will give you an understanding of:

Common Symptoms and their impact on communication, perception and relationships and how your approach can make a difference.
Useful communication techniques.
Positive and enabling activities.
How to support someone to live well with dementia.
How to have successful interactions.
Thinking creatively about dementia in your community.
Suitable for anyone who would like to learn more about dementia.
Delivered by trainers with real experience of maintaining therapeutic relationships and friendships with many people living with dementia in the community, hospitals and care home settings. We can deliver to your requirements in any setting. Contact us to organise for us to come to you.


Suitable for anyone who would like to learn more about dementia.


"This course is fascinating, engaging and thought-provoking and will help me no end in my conversations with people living with dementia and their families."

*£34 per head

**Based on a minimum of 12 learners.
We will deliver the training at your venue. May incur travel costs, depending on the address. Contact us for details

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