The Activity Ideas Lab

The Activity Ideas Lab

A Jam packed, thought provoking day that will arm Activity Co-ordinators and Care Staff with all the skills required to engage every person in their care in meaningful activity. 

In an average day in a care home there are between 10- 12 hours when a person is not sleeping or having their personal care provided. whilst many enjoy group activities, many do not. When living with the symptoms of a dementia engagement in meaningful activity can be a challenge.

This full day workshop will take activity co-ordinators and care- staff through a framework to help them plan person-centred activity and teach them how to encourage others to put those plans in to action.

The workshop will give all members of staff the knowledge and skills to create and encourage meaningful activity in every interaction.

Learners will go away from the day with individual activity plans and evaluation tools to use in their work.

Please contact us if you would like more information, a copy of the learning objectives and cost.

Comments from previous workshops:

"Delivered with great knowledge and passion and empathy. The most wonderful course- best dementia training ever- could have listened and listened. This has given even more enthusiasm to me in my role."
"I would love to have this training for my work colleagues, I found it so useful"
“Very interesting – didn’t lose us at all by overcomplicating it. Made it fun which kept people involved”.
“I got lots of new ideas for residents that don’t usually join in”
“I learnt that attitudes are more important than just being an ‘activity’ its much more in depth about the person’s well-being”
“I will be implementing the 4 types of activity into the residents care plans”
"I learnt a lot and more, it made me think of new ideas and different ways to implement activity”
“This will improve the times I spend with residents”
“It’s made me open my eyes to new opportunities in activity”
“Keep doing as you are no need for improvement. It was very good and relaxing. Two very good teachers”.

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