Understanding Behaviours
that Challenge Us

Do you find some of the behaviours you are faced with challenging?

Would you like a process to look for solutions to alleviate difficult situations in your work place?

Who will benefit?training values

Residential and care home staff, domicillary care providers

Why chose this course?

Residential, care homes and domicillary care services are finding themselves caring for more people living with dementia with complex needs. Staff can sometimes feel challenged by behaviours that they face.

This course will explore the common reasons for behaviours that challenge us in dementia care. It gives staff the confidence to work as a team to find solutions for difficult situations and create a positive environment for all.

It will give staff the tools to assess the situation, ascertain the need being communicated and find tailored approaches for now and in the future.

 What delegates will learn:

  1. Understanding perspectives in dementia
  2. Creating an environment for positive experiences
  3. Being a detective- getting to the bottom of the problem.
  4. Understanding the role of values in behaviour
  5. Creating solutions that work- positive planning.

This can be arranged as an in-house course. Delivered by two trainers with a wealth of experience in person-centred care.

Cost £75 per head

In-house in your place of work or Bodmin or Plymouth at our venues.