Activity and Occupation
in Dementia - Training

Activity And Occupation in Dementia

A  full day workshop aimed towards those working with clients in a care establishment.

This workshop will ensure that all members of staff have the knowledge and the skills to create and encourage meaningful activity for all.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define activity
  • Understand and recognise the types of activity, and give examples.
  • Understand how a balance of the four different types of activity, promote health and well-being.
  • Understand the importance of gathering key pieces of information about clients and sharing these to better influence activity and occupation.
  • Recognise the most common symptoms of dementia and how these effect clients ability to access and engage in activity.
  • Apply creativity in finding solutions for clients activity needs without the reliance of cost heavy resources.

Here's some comments taken from the evaluation forms from the workshop:

"delivered with great knowledge and passion and empathy. The most wonderful course- best dementia training ever- could have listened and listened. This has given even more enthusiasm to me in my role."

"I would love to have this training for my work colleagues, I found it so useful"


“ Very interesting – didn’t lose us at all by overcomplicating it. Made it fun which kept people involved”.


“ I got lots of new ideas for residents that don’t usually join in”


“ I learnt that attitudes are more important than just being an ‘activity’ its much more in depth about the person’s well-being”


“ I will be implementing the 4 types of activity into the residents care plans”


"I learnt a lot and more, it made me think of new ideas and different ways to implement activity”.


“ This will improve the times I spend with residents”


“ It’s made me open my eyes to new opportunities in activity”,


 “Keep doing as you are no need for improvement. It was very good and relaxing. Two very good teachers”.

Who: Suitable for nurses, care workers, cooks, cleaners, handypeople and anyone else working at the home. 

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