What is it? Reminiscence uses peoples strengths in long term memory to enhance socialisation and sharing of thoughts and ideas.

Example: Talking about a time in a person’s life eg. School days or first job. The facilitator will often use music and props to assist the person in recalling memories.

Who is it suitable for?: Reminiscence is suitable for mild to moderate stages of dementia and can also be adapted for the later stages.

Where is it available? The memory Matters Team use reminiscence in their interactions where appropriate. Reminiscence is often used successfully in care homes and is most successful in groups. Think life (another Cornwall based CIC) offer Reminiscence groups in care homes in Cornwall.

Can I use it at home? Yes. Using reminiscence can be really successful at home. You often have access to photographs which can be a great prompt. Be sure to avoiding ‘testing’ people with photographs; “Where is this?” is less likely to be successful than “I wonder where this one was taken?”