Things to try

We all have a fundamental need to be occupied. It is a part of being human and this doesn't change when someone has dementia.

We are in the process of making a resource area on the site which will house activity sheets outlining activities that our activity workers have used with success with people living with dementia. You are welcome to use them with the people you care for but we ask that you keep out logo on the sheets and point people to our site as a resource.

In the early stages of dementia activities that promote discussion and the sharing of opinions can be very successful.

Here are some activities we have found successful, using the principles and format of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy.

If you would like to see pictures of the sessions in action, we update our facebook page weekly and you may find more ideas on there. 

Creating a Flag

House Session

Creating a Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms Template

Parenting Discussion Group

NEW! Air Hockey Game

Later Stages: 

The majority of our work is with people living with mild to moderate dementia, however we are often asked about what activities will suit someone in the later stages.
In the later stages of dementia, activity that requires only one familiar step like sweeping or dusting can be successful. Occupation that involves repetition and brings in the stimulation of the senses may suit people who are expereincing many symptoms of dementia. The sense of taste, smell and touch function long after language is lost.

The senses are the key to making a connection in the later stages of dementia. Here are some ideas for the later stages:

NEW! Sensory Rooms

Tactile Aprons

Tactile Boards

Sensory Dough