Our Social Impact

To celebrate our fourth birthday we would like to share with you our first Social Impact Report. READ IT HERE


If you would like to know why we comissioned this report, prepared for us by Iridescent Ideas CIC please read our Q & As below:

What made you want a social impact report?

Memory Matters South West CIC have been running for four years and we felt that measuring our social impact would translate the outcomes that matter to us.

Knowing more about our organisation’s outcomes allows us to see what works, to identify where improvements can be made, and to learn from results when making decisions about the future.

What did you need to communicate with your Social Impact Report?

How we work, what we do and why we do it;The value of our organisation.

What do you feel will be the direct outcome of having the report?

Openness & transparency, it has shown us the value of what we want to achieve and have achieved.

What do you feel is the value in having a Social Impact Report?

We hoped that it would also pass information to our funders, investors, clients and the public to provide a powerful tool for communicating what our organisation does. We always aim to be transparent and hope that by providing a social impact report will raise awareness not only of the issues that concern us, but also of the things that can be done.

We wanted our transparency to be equally of value to our beneficiaries. We know that appropriate, impact measurement can help beneficiaries understand the services, processes and outcomes we offer, and to see the real benefits that accompany them. Being able to define our impact will allow us to celebrate success — reward our achievements, and inspire new beneficiaries to engage with our organisation. This is alsoof enormous value to our staff, for whom impact measurement

can be a means to see the difference they have made. We hope that this will show how their effort and dedication is bringing about the kind of change that first inspired them to do the work they do.

We  hope that as impact measurement and reporting spreads, it will allow different organisations to communicate more effectively and share results and drive change. We hope that a social impact report will become a convincing body of information for new contracts.