Memory Training

Helping You Keep Brain Fit

Memory Training
in the comfort of your home

Want to improve your memory but not sure how?

Our brains start shrinking from the age of 20 years. Whilst this can sound a little alarming, you may have noticed how some people have an amazing ability to remember brilliantly despite an ageing brain.

Laura and Kate, (nurses and founders of Memory Matters) don’t just work therapeutically with people living with dementia, but are also help the young at heart to do everything they can to stave off dementia. Memory Matters Memory Training teaches the secrets of the people who never need a shopping list!

We often host FREE fun, interactive web classes. All designed to help support a preventative approach to ageing.

Our comprehensive 6 week course ‘The Brain Fitness Formula’ Steps you through all the evidence that supports reducing dementia risk factors and teaches you how to make simple changes every week.

Read our case study- From worrying about memory, to knowing all the tricks.

Because we are a social enterprise (trading for people not profit), you can be assured that all profits from this life-changing six week course go in to supporting people in the community who live with a diagnosis of dementia. Not only do you get to help yourself, but others too!


The Brain Fitness Formula

A Six Week Memory Plan To A Healthy Mind

The Brain Fitness Formula will support and empower you to connect to your brain’s hidden abilities, helping you to remember things better.  It will give you the know-how to reduce your risk factors of developing a dementia as you get…