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Helping Keep Your Brain Fit

All you need to stay brain fit as you get older

Want to improve your memory but not sure how?

Our brains start shrinking from the age of 20 years. Whilst this can sound a little alarming, you may have noticed how some people have an amazing ability to remember brilliantly despite an ageing brain.

Laura and Kate, (nurses and founders of Memory Matters) don’t just work therapeutically with people living with dementia, but are also helping the young at heart to do everything they can to stave off dementia.

We have a free Facebook community where we welcome anyone who wants to stay memory fit whilst having a giggle in a supportive environment as well as local talks funded by the Big Lottery in various towns in Cornwall.

For those that wish to invest some time and money in their Memories, (recommended for long term brain health) we also have a comprehensive 6 week course ‘The Brain Fitness Formula’ 

This course steps you through the science that supports reducing your dementia risk factors. It takes you through simple techniques to adopt each week and can be completed at your own pace in the comfort of your home. All profits from this course support people living with dementia so it’s a win win.

If you would like to know how people find the course read our case study – From worrying about memory, to knowing all the tricks.

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