Licence Information

The Social Mission of our Workshops and Clubs 

All humans have an in-built desire to engage in their communities and with others. Human connection is imperative for us to thrive. Living with a diagnosis of dementia creates some very real challenges that can leave people isolated, alone and unstimulated right at the time where their need for both social and cognitive stimulation is greater than any other time.

Memory Matters Workshops support people to live well with dementia through engagement in meaningful, evidence-based therapeutic activity that is tailored to groups in the community where people live. We take time to gain an understanding of who people are, what is important to them, and how they like to spend their time.

People with dementia have helped us to design our innovative workshops and club days over the last 9 years through consultation and feedback.

The Vision 

Our vision is a world where people living with dementia are empowered and thriving in their communities. We want to see a time where every individual living with dementia will have access to cognitive Stimulation and post diagnostic support through a Memory Matters Workshop in their local town or city.

At Memory Matters we believe our success in providing excellent support has evolved from providing:

“Passionate, person-centred, relationship-focused, fun… every time”

This is helped further by the following core values, which define who we are as a company and create the basis for our culture.

  • People-focused
  • Compassionate
  • Open
  • Positive
  • Creative
  • Fun

The dementia landscape faces many challenges. Memory Matters intends to meet these challenges head-on by providing innovative, evidence and community-based solutions. Memory Matters believe it has a compelling community proposition with a fulfilling social return.

Why Memory Matters? 

Memory Matters was founded in 2010 by two qualified nurses who still run the operation. Kate and Laura bring a wealth of experience and passion and have navigated their way through the pitfalls and can help you avoid them.

At Memory Matters:

  • We believe in evidence-based practice
  • We have robust evaluation processes to help you prove the difference you can make
  • We are advised by those with dementia and their carers with regular feedback
  • We use Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) which is recommended in the NICE guidelines for the treatment of mild to moderate dementia
  • We are committed to ensuring everyone in all communities have access to CST through enabling communities to use our easy to use blueprint

What does Memory Matters offer the Licence Holder? 

  • Be part of the Memory Matters family
  • A chance to add Memory Matters workshops to your community offer
  • The chance to be associated with an established and trusted brand name
  • The use of the Memory Matters Trademark
  • Comprehensive training and induction programme
  • All digital marketing material
  • Memory Matters Box of resources
  • Access to meet-ups with other Memory Matters Workshops providers.
  • Operations Manual
  • Tablet with access to evaluation software
  • Monthly session plan with everything you need to deliver sessions

What does Memory Matters require from a Licence Holder?

You will need to be willing to recruit the right Workshop Leader who will be trained and certified by Memory Matters to deliver the workshops in any licenced venue. These can be a paid or voluntary position or already a member of your organisations staff.

 Facilitators will:

  • Have a values match with Memory Matters- Led by compassion, kindness and respect for people living with dementia
  • Be patient, kind, positive and authentic
  • Be Person-focused
  • Have experience of being person-centred
  • Be prepared to learn
  • Be committed to follow a framework to the letter
  • Be committed to openness and honesty
  • Be responsible for regular reporting on impact and income
  • Demonstrate competence after training through assessment.

Licencees can be an organisation or a group that takes overall responsibility of the co-ordination of the delivery of Memory Matters Workshops in their venue (s). They will have overall responsibility for all financial matters and will adhere to the licence conditions.

How Much?

Our licences with all the above cost £1500 + £122 per month. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.