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Memory Matters Fellowship

People with dementia helped us to design our Memory Matters workshops. After 9 years of research and development we are ready to help you to gain great outcomes for people living with dementia in your community.

  • Reduced loneliness
  • Living well for longer
  • Increased quality of life
  • Increased thinking skills.
  • Access to peer support

Our fellowship gives the oportunity for your organisation to partner with ours. We take care of all the content, planning and make evaluating your outcomes easy, so you can focus on doing what you do best. Memory Matters Workshops are perfect for  both care home environments and community venues and we are set to be working with a broad mixture of organisations from colleges to care homes.

Memory Matters Workshops support people to live well with dementia through engagement in meaningful, evidence-based and therapeutic activities and preventative health sessions’ designed to exercise thinking skills and promote preventative health.  

Our Fellowship will give you;

  • Comprehensive training and induction programme for facilitators with Co-Founders Kate and Laura.
  • Virtual VIP group with other fellowship members and access to Kate and Laura co-founders
  • Regular virtual check-ins for support
  • Access to annual meet-ups with refresher training and idea sharing
  • Access to hundreds of ‘ready to run’ session plans emailed monthly
  • Toolbox of resources
  • Tablet with evaluation software and support
  • Operations manual 
  • Templates for letters, referral forms, 
  • Marketing material & funding bid guide
  • Observation and feedback sessions, help and supervision to ensure gold standard practice

Why Team Up with Memory Matters? 

Memory Matters is an award winning and well-respected organisation, founded in 2010 by two qualified nurses, Kate and Laura who champion the importance of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST). “CST should be available to everyone living with mild to moderate dementia in all communities.” (National Institute of Health and Care Excellence). Despite this, access to CST is sporadic. 

In many areas, people with dementia have access to a short course provided by the NHS, however, these are time limited. Therefore, they are stopped whilst people would still feel the benefit from attending. Those that live in residential or care homes often have no access at all. 

We are inviting well established organisations in the community to come on board and work with us to ensure all people living with mild to moderate dementia can access these groups. 

How Will Your Organisation Benefit? 

  • Become more visible in your community.
  • Give back to your community by providing a much needed service
  • Increase your CQC rating. (Care Homes)
  • Upskill your staff.
  • Quality assurance
  • Improve your links with statutory services.
  • Make links with future residents & families. (Care homes)
  • Evaluate your outcomes with ease.
  • Increase job satisfaction in staff members.
  • A fun opportunity for learning and understanding of dementia
  • Inject fun into your workplace. 

For more information, contact Laura on 01752 243333.