Both our Activity Club and Activity Worker service aim to give carers time...

We understand that time is difficult to find when you are caring for someone 24 hours a day. We also know that time to yourself is essential for you to maintain your health and well-being. 

 Here is what one carer who's wife uses our services told us:

"it isn't just knowing that Margaret* is safe and looked after, but knowing that she is having a really fun time doing things that could actually help with her symptoms that make me relax about taking respite time."

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*name has been changed

Free Courses for dementia carers in Cornwall

Exploring Dementia for family carers is a short three hour course funded by Cornwall college, it explores some of the common symptoms of dementia.

We have been working closely with Promas CIC who are experts in providing courses for carers and last year with lottery funding we worked in partnership to provide a specialised course for dementia carers. Promas CIC have been successful in securing funding to continue to be able to provide specialist courses for dementia carers. You can find out more from their leaflet.