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Memory Matters Day Clubs

When a full day of engaging activity in a  fun, person-centred environment is required our experienced team have it all covered…

If you would like to spend the day socialising and exercising your brain and body, you may enjoy our day club.

Our Activity Day clubs, like all our work, adhere closely to the principles of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy.  So you can be safe in the knowledge that all club members are having a workout for their brains and bodies whilst socialising and having fun.


Bodmin: Wednesdays 10am-3pm

Where is the club?

Priory Bungalow, Bodmin, Cornwall

Who can attend?

Anyone who feels they would benefit from activities designed to exercise the brain, socialise and have fun. Some people who attend our clubs may have mild to moderate dementia.

What Happens at a club?

The Structure:


welcome, tea/coffee & social time

Gentle warm up:

Orientation discussion, Newspaper discussion, Song & Word warm-up. We have many different word warm-ups. They are usually to do with the main topic. eg. thinking of autumn words beginning with a letter picked from a hat.

Main topic:

These are influenced by the key topics used in cognitive stimulation (eg. Physical Games, Sounds, Childhood, Food, Current affairs, Faces/Scenes, Word Association, Being Creative, Categorising Objects, Orientation, Using Money, Number Games, Word Games.) The main topic will often have a seasonal twist to help with orientation and will always use props, multisensory elements, discussion and an activity to engage in.


Depending on the club this will be either soup and sandwiches at £3.50 to be paid on the day or you can bring your own.

Physical Exercise:

All our clubs try to get outside for a walk weather permitting so you will need to make sure you have clothes to wrap up in in the winter and sun cream and hats in the summer!

Afternoon Activity: This is usually more focused on games either physical, word or number games. This is also a time for members to contribute to planning and explore self-help topics or hear visiting speakers.

Tea/coffee social time


The full Day Club fee is currently at £40 a day.

If there is space, half days are £25

To book a free taster morning or if you need any help or have any questions call us on 01752 243333

All enquiries are welcome at Memory Matters whether you’re worried about a friend, family member or yourself.

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