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WE ONLY HAVE A HANDFUL OF PLACES LEFT ON OUR FREE 24 WEEK PROGRAMME (Thanks to funding from the Big Lottery Fund)


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If our beneficiaries haven't convinced you already Here's some more reasons why coming to a club is a good idea if you have mild to moderate dementia:


Our Clubs enable you to access to Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) for 24 WEEKS.

CST  has been proven in clinical trials to be as effective as anti-dementia drugs. CST has been shown to slow the progress of dementia and is recommended by the National Institute of Health and Clinical excellence (NICE).

It's Therapeutic and Fun!

The Memory Matters programme is lots of fun even for those who don't feel they have much to smile about! Our groups laugh- A LOT!

But better than that hidden between the laughter and the fun is lots of thinking, conversation creative work and word-finding. All helps to stimulate the brain cells and gain confidence again.

Who is it for?

People with mild to moderate dementia who are independent with their self care needs.

Where are They? 

Monday: Bodmin

Tuesday: St. Austell

Wednesday:  Liskeard

Friday:  St Austell & Wadebridge

Weekly 10am -3pm.

What Happens at The Club:

Welcome & Arrivals:  A time to catch up with group members and an opportunity to meet with visiting community practitioners and services and gain information.

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Session: Structured group session with different topics each week eg. Word games, Faces/Scenes, Current affairs, Food. The focus is on discussion, stimulating games and learning.

Living Well Session:  Peer support session facilitated to enable people to discuss challenges they face, plan for the future and discover solutions to difficulties including assistive technology and memory cues. These sessions aim to help people connect with their community and will sometimes have visiting speakers.

Lunch (This can be purchased at the club venue or people can bring a packed lunch if they prefer).

Walk: getting outside in the local area.


  • Talks by visiting practitioners or
  • Thinking games or
  • Discussions or
  • Visiting speakers or
  • journaling and always...
  • Lots of drinking of tea

Home Time


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