A Club Day

Our Activity Day clubs all run in the same way and so wherever you attend you will recognise the structure. They all adhere to the principles of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy.

All of our clubs run from 10am until 4pm and will follow the following structure:

  • Welcome, tea/coffee & social time
  • Orientation discussion
  • Newspaper discussion
  • Song 
  • Word warm-up We have many different word warm ups. They are usually to do with the main topic. eg. thinking of many autumn words beginning with a letter picked from a hat.
  • Main topic: These are influenced by the key topics used in cognitive stimulation (eg. Physical Games, Sounds, Childhood, Food, Current affairs, Faces/Scenes, Word Association, Being Creative, Categorising Objects, Orientation, Using Money, Number Games, Word Games.) The main topic will often have a seasonal twist to help with orientation and will always use props, mutisensory elements, discussion and an activity to engage in.
  • Lunch - Depending on the club this will be either soup and sandwiches at £3.50 to be paid on the day or a hot meal organised by the venue usually £3.50 to be paid on the day also.
  • Physical Exercise - All our clubs get outside for a walk weather permitting so you will need to make sure you have clothes to wrap up in in the winter and sun cream and hats in the summer!
  • Afternoon Activity - This is usually more focused on games either physical, word or number games. This is also a time for members to contribute to planning and explore self-help topics
  • Tea/coffee social time
  • Home

What people say about the days:

"It has exceeded my expectations. I was worried about coming along initially; I thought that I would get things wrong, but now I realise everyone is in the same boat and that there are no scary tests or exams, just people coming together and having a laugh." (Bodmin Club Member)

“Keeping the mind active and meeting other people.” (A Club member answering the question "What is your main reason for attending?")

“I find it stimulates my brain and I meet many friends and companions.” (Club Member)

“It helps me as it keep dementia at bay for longer.”  (Carer)

“The support I receive and understanding is important.” (Club Member and Carer)

 “It challenges me” (Club Member)

 “I feel Mum is enjoying herself and is well looked after and I gain a few hours to myself.” (Carer)

 “It's a relaxed atmosphere and its fun!” (Club Member)

“They are kind, caring and help me if I do not understand things.” (Club Member)