6 Daily Habits To Improve Your Memory

6 Daily Habits to Improve Your Memory

Taking the first step to a better memory

When nurses Kate and Laura founded Memory Matters 9 years ago, they envisaged a thriving non-profit organisation. One that would support as many people with memory challenges as possible, no matter how big or small.

In this new online venture they have combined the latest information and research with a common sense friendly approach. Laura presents this FREE web class which shows you what you can do to get your memory working to its full potential.

This recorded web class outlines the six things you need to know to take the first steps in reducing your risk of developing dementia as you age.

This video consists of

  • A short introduction to Memory Matters and Laura
  • 30 minutes of teaching you the 6 habits you need to get in to and the science behind them
  • A friendly and engaging approach

Improve your memory fitness today!

To access this free video web class all you need to do is click below, enter your email address and we’ll send you the video straight to your inbox where you are one click away from learning the secrets of super memorisers.